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General Power of Attorney

General Power of Attorney - (individual) $250.00

General Powers of Attorney – per couple (mutual) $400.00 (discounted)

Discounted $100.00 or 20% - coupon code name “couplesPOA”

Basic Will & POA

Basic Will & POA (individual)$650.00 $600.00 (discounted)
Individual basic will and POA package discounted from $650 to $600 (8%)
Coupon code: singlewill/POA

Basic Will per couple (mutual) (normally $400 each) $600.00 (discounted from $800)
Coupon code: couplewill/POA

Basic Will & POA - couple (mutual) $1040.00 (discounted from $1300)
Coupon code: basicwill/poacouple

Complete Package

Complete Package per person $640.00 (discounted from $800)
20% discount
Package includes: Durable General Power of Attorney, Basic Will, Living Will, Health Care Surrogate
Coupon code: completepkgindv

Complete Package per couple $1600.00 (discounted from $2,000)
Package includes: Durable Mutual General Powers of Attorney, Basic Wills, Living Wills, Health Care Surrogates
$320 discount or 20% Coupon code: completepkgcouple