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The thought of writing your will and thinking through your estate planning can seem overwhelming. However, with the help of Express Law, a wills and estates attorney in Coral Springs, Florida, our attorneys can prepare a will and other critical estate planning documents that will protect your legacy and help you plan so that your estate carries forth your wishes and vision for the future. Protect what you will leave behind—contact the wills and estate planning attorneys at Express Law in Coral Springs, Florida. 

Why is having a will important? If you pass away without a will, your estate will go through the intestate probate process, meaning that your assets will be distributed to inheritors based on Florida probate law, which may not be consistent with your wishes. Depending on whether you have a spouse, children, and other descendants, your assets will be distributed first to a spouse, and then to children equally. If your spouse isn’t the biological parent of your children, the estate may be divided between your spouse and your children in a manner that is not what you would choose. The intestacy process will not address any specific bequests of assets (which assets will go to whom). Having a properly executed will in place is a tool which allows you to make clear your wishes so that your assets are distributed accordingly. Without a will, your wishes for disposition of your estate may not match the way intestate law would distribute your assets. Express Law is a wills lawyers Coral Springs, Florida who can help you make your wishes clear.

The probate process can be complex in some situations. Probate is the legal process by which your will is filed with the court and your estate is administered according to the will and supervised by the court. Having a will in place usually makes a big difference when it comes to the probate process. Having a detailed, properly executed will can make the process easier for your family and can often save your family from stress, disagreements and often money as they navigate probate. For example, some families might benefit from having an estate plan that incorporates the use of a will as well as a trust. Express Law legal services can review your situation, troubleshoot possible issues that can arise, and help you find the best possible estate planning instruments for your needs. 

If you don’t have an estate plan in place yet, contact Express Law today, a wills and estate attorney in Coral Springs, Florida. Our attorneys offer a range of will and estate documents preparation services, often including same day will preparation, as well as estate planning for more complex estates. Regardless of where you are in life, it is never too soon to begin planning for the future and thinking about your legacy. This is not only of critical importance to older people; it is essential for younger people with minor children. Contact Express Law legal services today to schedule our will preparation services in Coral Springs, Florida.

Need Help Preparing a Will?

Here are some key points to consider if you need help preparing a will in Coral Springs, Florida With an estate planning lawyer on your side, your will preparation process can be thorough and complete, resulting in a well-reasoned and well-executed will and/or estate plan. When preparing your will, Express Law is a wills attorney in Coral Springs, Florida who can review your estate and help you determine the best estate planning options for your needs. Here are some things Express Law legal services in Coral Springs, Florida can help you review when planning your estate:

Name a Personal Representative (Executor)of Your Estate. Your personal representative (executor) is the person who will be in charge of handling the probate process. The personal representative (executor) is responsible for determining whether probate is needed, submitting the will to the probate court if necessary and then carrying out the directives of the will, notifying banks, creditors, and the government about the individual’s death as required by law. The personal representative (executor) will need to handle the deceased person’s last financial affairs, such as paying creditors and taxes, and distributing assets to beneficiaries in accordance of the will. During probate, the personal representative will provide an accounting of all of the assets and property of the estate. 

· Debts. Before your estate can be passed on to your heirs, your creditors must all be paid. Having clear documentation of what is owed can make the probate process a little easier for your family. After debts have all been paid, then your will can be distributed. 

· Property and Assets. Having a detailed list of all your property and assets is important. The will should include an accounting of all bank accounts, property, investments, collections, jewelry, and any art. 

· Beneficiaries. Your will should also include a list of your inheritors and clearly outline how you want your property and any other assets to be distributed. When considering how to distribute property, you may also want to consider items that may not have monetary value but may hold sentimental value for certain family members. If you plan to make charitable contributions from your estate, one of your beneficiaries might be these charities.

· Consider Minor Children. If you have minor children, you may need to consider who would care for your children should you pass away. You have the option of naming a person you would like to put in place to serve as your children’s guardian and who would manage any assets you bequeath to your minor children.

· Consider Pets. While pets are considered property, there are ways that you can make provisions in your will to ensure that your pets are cared for after you pass away.

· Other Considerations. In some cases, a will might not be your single best estate planning instrument. If you own property in multiple states, have a complex financial situation, or want to help your family avoid the probate process, there may be other estate planning options available to you and your loved ones. Express Law legal services are wills lawyers in Coral Springs, Florida who can review your situation and help you find the best estate planning instruments for your needs. 

· Witnesses.A will must be signed by two witnesses in order to be valid. This means that these individuals, who are not beneficiaries of your will, must affirm that you are of sound mind to prepare your will and make decisions for your estate. Further, a self-proving will, which must be notarized, greatly simplifies the process of beginning probate, since it avoids the necessity of locating the witnesses for their attestations.

While it is possible to prepare your own will, on your own or through the use of a form, this typically results in result in common and costly pitfalls. Usually these problems are not recognized until it is too late to avoid them. It is in your best interest and that of your family to have a lawyer help you navigate the challenges that can arise. Every family’s situation is unique. A small mistake on a will can cost your heirs money in legal fees or delayed distribution of your estate due to delays and complications in the probate process. Express Law is a wills attorney in Coral Springs, Florida who can properly and effectively prepare your will.

Same-Day Will Preparation Services in 

Coral Springs, Florida

Need your will prepared right away? Express Law in Coral Springs, Florida offers same day will preparation in some cases. If you need a will prepared in one day, need a lawyer to review a will you prepared yourself, or are facing an emergency, Express Law can help you. Express Law can often offer same day will preparation services.

While it is not possible in all situations to complete a will in one day, Express Law offers express legal services in Coral Springs, Florida. Contact our firm today to learn more about your options. Whether you need to prepare your will quickly or need to draft a will as soon as possible because of a family emergency, or change in circumstance, Express Law’s same day will preparation services in Coral Springs, Florida may be able to assist you. Our attorneys are here and ready to help you prepare your will.

Preparing a Will in Coral Springs

Everyone should consider their estate planning needs sooner rather than later. Express Law are Coral Springs wills lawyers who can prepare your will and help you navigate the estate planning process to find the best solutions for your needs. Contact Express Law today to schedule an appointment or to learn more.