Surviving The Economic Catastrope

Margery E. Golant ~ Consumer Protection Lawyer of the Year


The COVID-19 outbreak and shutdown requirements by the state and local governments has caused an economic catastrophe in Florida, which is expected to worsen even if the shutdown orders are lifted.  Businesses have been forced to close, leaving employees and owners with little or no income.  Unemployment is at record levels, and despite historic job losses among working families, Florida’s Unemployment Program, always stingy and inadequate, has crashed, leaving hundreds of thousands of hard-working Floridians desperate to find ways to survive financially and to save their homes.

I excel at solving financial problems and mortgage problems for homeowners and small business owners.  Due to my extensive background within the mortgage industry and my stature as Florida’s leading mortgage consumer advocate, resulting in my being awarded “Consumer Protection Lawyer of the Year” by The Florida Bar during the recent financial crisis, I know what to do. I have developed strategies that REALLY WORK, that are AFFORDABLE and that offer you SOLUTIONS and ALTERNATIVES you probably never dreamed existed and I can help you to survive.

I am a Consumer Advocate. My objective is to find an AFFORDABLE way to utilize my knowledge of the law and of the financial services world to help you survive financially. I have spent many years and have been involved in many matters, focused on consumer financial services problems and issues. This gives me specialized background and experience, enabling me to help YOU with your mortgage, financial issues or foreclosure problems.

It is more important than ever to ensure you make an immediate plan to protect you, your family, your home, and your small business. You have options but time is of the essence.  You do not have to lose everything in this mess. I can be your first line of defense.

Please do not wait until the situation becomes completely unmanageable. We can arrange no-contact consultations by video or telephone. Please beware of solicitations to “refinance with new government programs” or to take over your home mortgage.  In most cases these are scams.


Contact us now to help you! We are open extended hours to help you, and can arrange a consultation by Zoom, by phone or in person.

We have offices in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, and in many cases can help you throughout Florida remotely.