Urgent No-Contact Legal Services

News outlets are reporting that Americans are racing to do their own powers of attorney and/or wills due to the dangerous virus.  This is a very serious mistake that often leads to numerous unintended consequences. All states have many technical requirements which are essential to create a valid will or power of attorney. 

While forms and do-it-yourself software may seem like a solution, there are many pitfalls, and a technical error can render these documents invalid.  There are also many considerations which should be thought when drawing a will or power of attorney in order that it have the intended effect. We have seen this all too often with improperly self-prepared documents, often when it was too late to remedy.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Express Law is prioritizing assisting people in drafting and executing wills, powers of attorney, deeds and other related documents.  Express Law is optimized to handle this via no-physical-contact to help protect your family, property and assets.  

We can be reached any time by email: or call 561-449-2076.


We understand the significant and evolving impact the COVID-19 Coronavirus may have on you and your family. Express Law is optimized to provide for your urgent legal needs, with remote, no-contact document preparation and execution, as well as other legal services, to help protect your family, property and assets. Do you need a power of attorney, health care proxy, or a will, or do you have other legal needs? Do you have an existing will but wish to make changes?

Now is the time to address any urgent legal needs. Contact us so we can assist you with blunting the effect of this situation by getting these matters in order. We can be reached at any time by email: or call 561-449-2076. LIVE CHAT AVAILABLE - SCROLL TO BOTTOM OF PAGE.